The theatrics of abundance injects a sense of occasion at any event. Epic grazing is a great interactive entertaining option with a heaving spirit of indulgence for roaming guests. Perfect for energizing large spaces & inviting excitable buzz to an otherwise vacuous room or unadventurous crowd. Sensational savoury and/or sweet to eat mega magic that’s overflowing with premium quality & primarily organic produce. Not only are inclusions super fresh but also refreshingly different.

Colour, recipient personality or cuisine themed (e.g.: Asian, Moroccan.) grazing are all foodie fun flavoured ideas.

Each & every grazing experience is a tantalising explosion of scrumptious adventure! Made at the hands of a former stylist, the design of every display is an artful installation of rainbow eye candy. It’s style savvy food that not only tastes but also looks AmaZing & is well worthy of your most memorable moments.

Select Your Grazing Style!

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Grazing Tables

A vibrant display & incredible array of selections. A feast for the eyes and taste buds.

Plentiful Platters

Inclusions offer a fabulous array of familiar favourites artfully presented with unusual twists.