Bush to Bowl Adventures

Doing things differently….that’s pretty much the Zing thing. That’s why I’m so excited to see peoples faces when they bite into our creations & go on to devour our dishes. I’m in 7th heaven when once unknown flavours & combinations gain exposure & momentum to the point where the greater public acquires the bravado to adventure off the beaten track.

Recently I discovered Bush To Bowl- a local business, totally run by aboriginal people; selling fresh, organic indigenous produce. I am tickled pink that their business delivers low food miles, full food flavours & further menu opportunities for innovation.

Beyond this, I’m super excited to be going bush & hosting a collaboration with them as part of the upcoming ‘Taste of the Beaches’ festival. With this collaboration, you too have the opportunity to explore the bush track with us.

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Adrift – A Beaches Taste Sensation

Zing Fresh, in creative collaboration with Seadrift distillery brings you ‘Adrift’.  As part of the Taste of The Beaches Festival,this is an evening event to celebrate & savour the perfect pairing of Seadrift’s deliciously, innovative non-alcoholic spirits with our creative, contemporary canapes.  Both artisanal menus cleverly showcase infusions of fresh herbs along with coastal & local, sea botanicals.The refreshingly unique [...]
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Native Creative Recipes

G’day mate it’s almost time for my favourite celebration of the year-Straya day!  What I most love about the day is that it’s like no other celebration. We spend the day with whom and how we choose.  Gone are the compelling traditions and obligations of family as with the festivities of Christmas. There’s no pressure to kiss ( or not [...]
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Cashew Colour Crunch Salad

This week’s cashew salad recipe has been lovingly created by Jen from Zing Fresh. As we see glimpses of summer approaching, now is the time to get our salad game on. Ingredients 1 cup brown rice1 and 1/2 cups water1 bunch bok choy1 large carrot1 cup shredded red cabbageBroccoli1/2 cup currants1/2 cup green chilli (to taste)1/4 bunch coriander3/4 cup toasted [...]
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Popcorn Recipes

The Rugby World Cup is in full swing and the NRL finals are on this weekend, too. Why not make a (somewhat healthier) snack for everyone to enjoy? Everyone loves popcorn and it is easy to prepare. We have a savoury and a sweet popcorn recipe for you. Perhaps you’ll need a world size cup though if eating whilst watching [...]
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Baked Polenta Poles with Sweet Potato

Jen’s Baked Polenta Poles are a healthy alternative to crisps and hot chips for these balmy summer evenings we now have. Ingredients 2 to 3 teaspoons olive oil2 and 1/2 cups water1 teaspoon salt1 cup polenta1/2 cup baked, peeled and mashed sweet potato1 tablespoon butter1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese Method Brush a baking dish (10 cm x 10 cm square [...]
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Miso Glaze

This miso glaze is a super easy way of creating a gourmet dinner in just a few minutes. Jen’s favourite bases for the glaze are eggplant and Salmon as they absorb flavours so well. Other great bases would be chicken, pork, pumpkin, mushrooms, zucchini … most things really. Ingredients for the miso glaze 2 tablespoons white miso or yellow miso ( [...]
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Coconut Yoghurt Smoothies

These coconut yoghurt smoothie ideas will drive you cocoa nuts! Enjoy these great recipe ideas from Jen @caterzingfresh. Whenever serving at the Co op, I love to share my ideas on ways to use the products people are purchasing. Recently, I shared how amazing the combination of beetroot smoothie and chocolate activated buckinis is with coconut yoghurt. I successfully inspired [...]
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Christmas Canapés

Christmas canapés can be tricky at such a crazy time of year. It’s also hot which inspires an appetite for all things oceanic. Riding the wave of the Ocean Festival we have put together a great catch of quick and easy recipes using various seaweed varieties available at the Co-Op.These Christmas canapés are great for entertaining as they can usually be [...]
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Ancient Grains Salad

Ancient grains describe grains that have been relatively unadulterated over the millennia. Unlike grains like corn and wheat that have been selectively bred over time. Many ancient grains originate from parts of the Middle East. At the Co-Op we stock two particular ancient grains, maftoul and freekeh. These grains are not dissimilar to the more popular quinoa from South America. [...]
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